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What will be the effect of David Cameron’s suggestion about getting out from EU?;_ylt=AkXuftuESfJrVUvMcxch.lnty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20130123020319AAngseY

Issuing New Security

Equity is sold to all interested investors in a cash offer. If the cash offer is a public one, banks are usually involved. Banks are financial intermediaries that perform a wide variety of services. In addition to taking deposits and making loans, they also aid in the sale of securities, …

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A French Multinational Vehicle Company: RENAULT

CHANNELS OF RENAULT: By using direct channels, products and goods are sold directly to the customers and this reduce costs of other advertising and agency expenditures. Renault S.A. as a French multinational vehicle manufacturer company, uses mostly it’s direct channels more efficiently to reach customers and obviously they use this …

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