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Being A Poor Country

During our discussion class in Economic policy of development course, we tried to critisize characteristics of those countries which are stated as “poor” country. When I think about a poor country, I realise them as China, India, Somalia, Ethiopia and so on.. In these kind of countries they have common characteristics like followings. 1. They are kind of colony who controlled by Europe or America 2. Labor intensive production is dominant 3. Agriculture, breeding, construction are common jobs that citizens

My Q&A

What will be the effect of David Cameron’s suggestion about getting out from EU?;_ylt=AkXuftuESfJrVUvMcxch.lnty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20130123020319AAngseY

Be sensitive about your BUDGET!

Studying finance and economics, makes me excited and curious about theories, definitions, calculations etc.. As a student I have to know every single point about this science but instead of using them, just knowing how they are working in markets do not make sense for me. There is a really successful American girl blogging approximately every day in her web page called My Pennies My thoughts. I’m reading her posts and she is forcing me about to observe my budget

Issuing New Security

Equity is sold to all interested investors in a cash offer. If the cash offer is a public one, banks are usually involved. Banks are financial intermediaries that perform a wide variety of services. In addition to taking deposits and making loans, they also aid in the sale of securities, facilitate mergers and other corporate reorganizations, act as brokers to both individual and institutional clients, and trade for their own accounts. Until late 2008 much of this activity was undertaken

A case study about hedging

A spanish professional football team plans to play an exhibition game in the United Kingdom next year. Assume that all expenses will be paid by the British government, and that the team will receive a check for £1million. The team anticipates that the pound will depreciate substantially by the scheduled date of the game. In addition, the football authorities must approve the deal, and approval will not occur for 3 months. How can the team hedge its position? What is

An Amazing Virtual Book “Store” !

To be honest, I can’t get used to reading books from electronic devices, such as KINDLE! You may think that I’m a “cave man” but it’s my personality.. Touching book’s every single point, turning pages and writing something on it makes me happy! However I found a web page where include many FREE books! They are free even you can listen them during your vacation! I strongly recommend you Adam Smith’s amazing book “THE WEALTH OF NATIONS!” Click here please

A French Multinational Vehicle Company: RENAULT

CHANNELS OF RENAULT: By using direct channels, products and goods are sold directly to the customers and this reduce costs of other advertising and agency expenditures. Renault S.A. as a French multinational vehicle manufacturer company, uses mostly it’s direct channels more efficiently to reach customers and obviously they use this channel because of their cost reduction strategy. Renault’s efficient direct channel is company’s web page. Considering Zero emission cars Renault tries to deliver company’s value proposition to customers by advertising