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Izmir Economic Congress Series

The first Izmir Economic Congress created a tradition about discussing Turkey’s economic situation and it become an organization to prepare a strategy for make nation’s economy better considering worldwide contemporary conditions. For this purposes Turkish government tries to make such economic congress almost every decade and it called as “Izmir Economic Congress”. After 1923, 2nd Izmir Economic Congress gathered between 2-7 November 1981. Among 1923 to 1981, just like Turkey’s economic conditions, world economy was changed and also almost every

A Professional SUCCESS Guide

You may be a manager, a new graduate, a retaired guy, a mother or a student. These adjectives and titles are not an excuse about having a trouble in daily or professional life. A manager could be unsuccessful about getting promoted or a mother could be unhappy about her marriage or daily life. In such delicate conditions that every single person lives them really frequently, they try to find a key point to resolve their problem or change their behavior.