A Professional SUCCESS Guide

Unlimit Yourself by Mumin SekmanYou may be a manager, a new graduate, a retaired guy, a mother or a student. These adjectives and titles are not an excuse about having a trouble in daily or professional life. A manager could be unsuccessful about getting promoted or a mother could be unhappy about her marriage or daily life. In such delicate conditions that every single person lives them really frequently, they try to find a key point to resolve their problem or change their behavior.

As a student, during my preparation period to university exam, I felt so miserable about motivating myself and setting an attainable goal. During that period, no psychologist or any friends would be a “cure” for me. But instead of using my network to make myself more confident about such hard period, I found a book which was written by Mumin Sekman and it was all about coping with such stressful conditions.

I started to read that and I found myself in a different kind of world which was include; encouragement, desire, tenacity and key points about creating an internal discipline. His book inspired me and I read it, almost three times. He was familiar the period that Iived and he knew how to touch the condition with his really nonsuppressed expression.

In Turkey most of the population stick to their current condition and don’t know that they have enough and required power to change the situtation!

To do that like me most of my friends prefer to go a psychologist and they always say that “I’m not happy. My life’s current conditions are not satisfying me. Help me!”. Sometimes we feel desperate, and we cannot see availabe opportunities about changing our life. In such critical point thousands of people read a book again written by Mumin Sekman and which was called “Unlimit Yourself”. Almost everyone think that this book is kind of “magic book”. After finishing this book, it’s easy to throw away everthing that limit your happiness or success.

Additionally there was a book about laziness which was again written by Mumin Sekman. Tens of times my friends talked about this book and they told me the degree of its inspiration on them. I though that “What does make Mumin Sekman’s books so popular and effective?”. I determine a few key points that make him special about “success”.

Here they are:

• He lived every single detail that most of us faced with during rough times
• Language that he used is so simple to understand the basic idea and also he wrote funny examples to make reader optimistic about the situation
• He had really interesting “success story”. He read in a university which is still the most reputable and blinding college in Turkey. And also he graduated from department of law but he is a writer right now!
• He is not writing “you can do it!” sentences; instead of that he is writing about “they did it, here how they completed the task”. You can read a story which is familiar to yours.

Success is a special topic and instead of listening those people who is telling you that you must do task 1, task 2 and task 3 and than you will see that you will reach you goal, you must focus on yourself and create a “business plan about you!”. During this period Mumin Sekman will be the best guide for you.