Just an Idea About Education

Nowadays all around the world, people cannot find a job. Poverty,crime and social disasters instead of decrease,they developed,increase every single day. Violence and lawlessness become powerfull. Most of the countries have high young population and nearly every government has hope about their young citizens. Because of governments’ hope, they try to develop education skills and system with efficiently.Conscious governments know that,countries’ development and destiny depends on education and the quality of young population.
Having sufficient and qualitative education is important for youth and they try to develop themselves. If I consider Turkey,young citizens are studing hard because they think about their future and they want to have a job.Unemployment is a big trouble for youth and instead of living rest of their life with poverty, they are studing hard.You can see the unemployment rate in the following graph which represents unemployment rate less than 25 years old people’s. If you have good education and successful graduation degree, you will find a job. And it means that you will live your life with your own effort. In Turkey, young people try to win a good colleges and universities. Most of them studing because they don’t wanna be unemployed people. But some of them are just want to learn their departments specific parts and they try to specialize abput their business. But some youth people are studing at university without targets. They are at university because their family want that or they don’t have any interests to care about it after primary or high school. For instance, today at Turkey most of the high school students become undergraduate but after four or five years later, if you check unemployment rate, you will see that it increase every year. That means, studing at university is not the only way to get a job. Instead of considering families’ expectations or being jealous about other friends’ whose are at university ,young people have to think about their targerts and study at university willingly.
To sum up, if a country take care about it’s young population,it has to give good knowledge to them about their targets. And young people have to study and make researches more than before about their department. If they only study at university for find a job,it’s not enough fot it..