Being Happy

As the saying goes, what matters is not what life brings to you,but what you bring to life.This sentence is from my book which I really like it and I try to think about it when it was over.Richard Layard,states in “Happiness: Lessons from a New Science” that “ secret of happiness is to enjoy things as they are, without comparing them with anything better.

Another is to find out which things really make us happy”. Comparing is important for humans because it makes us creative. I don’t agree with writers opinions about the deal between happiness and without comparing things.

History can show us,many scientists success and many people’s technological innovations.But if we think about them, how did they become successful or how did they make differences instead of being ordinary human?

I firmly believe that they have ambitious charactericts and yes, they like their ineterts. But I also believe that some jealous and some ambitious with pain can make people much better.I’m sure that, not everyone become happy when they are full of ambitious but most of them become much better and they will be happy after whole those pain.

When I think about ambitious and comparing ourselves with others,I remember “The other Boleyn Girl” movie or book. Let me explain with short sentences this story. There was two sisters, -They have alson one brother who called George Boleyn- Anne Boleyn and Mary Boleyn.They were have peaceful life but after Royal visit everything change and Boleyns’ life become complicated. The King of England called Henry VIII first choose Anne Boleyn for being his bondwomen than he choose Mary instead of her.

Anne was ambitious girl and she worked hard and got back the King from Mary and she become Queen of England. Story was over with Anne’s execution. But here we can see that, if you compare yourself with other you will become more ambitious and than may be you will get whatever you want.In my opinion like every thing , being happy has cost.If you want to be happy or if you want to reach your goals, you have to feel the pain first of all.

Than time will pass and if every thing is okay, you will become happy more than before. It similar like being retired. You work hard when you were young,middle-age and old,than you will get rest thanks to whole your effort.

Being happy has cost and you have to compare yourself with other. Science,literature,sports become stronger become of comparing themselves with others. Writers comapre themselves with other writers or swimmers compare themselves with their rivals. Technology developed with race and whole records break by comparing sportives with others.

To sum up, happiness is important for humanity but everything has cost and history can show us that,every innovation and every record exist with ambitious,passion and with pain.

Everyone want to be happy but everyone know that if being happy is easy to get,why everyone everyday try to find it? If it was easy to find why we cannot find it still?