Advantages of E-Shopping

What was the famous saying of Napoleon Bonaparte? “Money, money , money!”. As can be seen ,money is one of the most important inventions of human being history. In ancient times, there was no money. People traded or bartered goods that they have produced themselves in their farms. The first money was used over 2000 years ago.

As mentioned above, people were trading their goods to provide their needs. After the invention of the money people started to use firstly “coins” and then

the “banknotes” to buy what the need.So, trading is the first example of shopping. Shopping is the examining of goods and services from retailers with the

intent to purchase at that time1. In 20th century, people usually went to shopping malls where there were a lot of shops inside them and bought what they

needed. Nowadays a new type of shopping attracts people’s attention: Eletronic commerce. Electronic commerce , commonly known as e-commercec or e-

shopping, refers to the buying and selling of products or services over elevtronic systems such as Internet an other computer networks2.

E-shopping which can bi considered as one of the most popular shopping option today, is preferable becaouse of their advantages for both supplier and customer.

To begin with, e-shopping has three remarkable advantages for suppliers which are advantages in sales, economic and growing advantages. The first benefit is that merchandisers has rewards when they use Internet to sell their products.

Most importantly, suppliers can choose to sell the product in stock according to demand. The main target of a company is to make profit. It is not logical to produce more then can be sold. This can occur a very big damage to the profits of a company. If a firm anatomize how much products sold last month/year, it can avoid unsold goods.Moreover, companies get info’s easier about the preferences of customer. These companies usually have departments which search what people need. For example, they make researches about the sales of the companies. They look which product was sold more, which colour was more preferable, which model was more popular among buyers . They also prerare tests in their websites where included questions about the fashion of the year. After this researches they configure their products and set them on their online stores.

Apart from advantages is sales, the economic advantages is the second benefit of e-commerce.Primilarly, companies get rid of spending money to extra communication tools. In contrast to stores, shopping websites does not need tools like fax machines, pos machines, extra phones, checkout machine. Only one phone is sufficient for communication in case of a problem with the buyer and seller.

All other things can be done on Internet with a computer.Besides the unnecessary tools, there is no need to rent a big office. The big well-known shopping firms want a big shop or office to fascinate people and sell more products. In that way they can earn more and make a lot of profit.As an example,Teknosa is a store where sells technological products like Tv’s, computers, cameras, phones, batteries, loudspeakers and all other technological devices that can’t imagine. They also made an agreement with Megavizyon and started to sell boks Cd’s and Dvd’s. Having taken everything into consideration, all of these devices can’t be sold in a small store. Whereupon, all the Teknosa stores are multi-storey or distributed on a huge area. On the other hand,as mentioned above, online shopping is done over internet with a PC. That means that, there is no need for a big office. Even on Starbucks while drinking coffee supplier can sell his product.

The last benefit of e-shopping for the supplier is the advantages in growing. To start with,there is a large amount of customer (national and international) and e-shopping gives the opportunity to reach them easily. Over 8 billion people are living on the world. Furthermore, there are a lot of internet users. Nowadays, every house has a computer at minimum. If a company has a online shopping website , it can reach more people in their country and other countries. Therefore, they can sell more products ,they can make more profit and they can grow faster.

Although there are a lot of advantages for the supplier, e-commerce is popular among customers because of their economic advantages and advantages on buying. First of all,e-shopping has economic advantages. The first economic advatage is that shopping online allows people to not expense for transportation and save time. It is true that, nobody does not live inside a shopping mall. So people have to transport from their houses to the shops.

They use a taxi, bus or their own cars. That means that they spend extra money for shopping. However when they shop online they do not spend extra money and they save their time. Another point where e-shopping has economic advantages is that people can get great discount using coupon codes and reach cheaper products. Unlike local stores,people can avail discount coupons and get a thing at a lower-rate when shopping online. Also there are websites that sales products with discount which reaches to 90%such as markafoni and limango. For instance, a jean which costs 159,99$, with a coupon on website can cost 45$ with a 70% discount

The final outstanding superiority of e-shopping is the buying advantages which are 7/24 open stores and shopping from home, infinite self space available,ability to compare product price and ability to learn reviews of other customers. In the first place , people like this type of shopping because of convenience. For people working long hours it is difficult to go out for shopping during normal business hours. It’s also difficult for mothers with young children an no one to mind them Online shopping can bi done twenty four hours a day and shoppers are able to shop from their own place at their own free time. People can but whatevet they want even at 3 a.m in the morning.

The ability to shop from home allows many people who have trouble getting to real world shops such as elderly or disabled people or others with transport or mobility issues to still purchase the products and services they need. In addition, when you shop from home people are more comfortable because they don’t have to deal with the weather. Secondly, there is an infinite self-space available.

Customers does not have to cope with stupid and bothersome salesman.Besides, when shopping online people can also avoid long lines to wait in and the

unnecessary contact with cranky people. Most of people are sometimes concerned with private shopping; online shopping offers a great platform to Also,

whenpeople are buying gifts, online mode is the perfect way to send distant friends or relatives the gift they wanted to send. Thirdly,e-shopping gives people

the ability to compare product price. The huge advantage of shopping online is that people have the opportunity to compare as many products and prices as

they want without having to spend the time and money to travel between several different shops.

This leads to a simple and quick way to perform price comparison unlike the dissatisfied and hurried shopping people do in local stores. Finally,people are able to learn reviews of other customers on e-commerce. People usually make comment for products. So, others can reads the reviews and can have an idea for the product they want to buy.